When The Streets Moved

A WEIRD BELIEF HELPED ME WITH SEEING OPPORTUNITIES OTHERS DIDN’T Since I was very young, I believed the streets of a city could move.  Even though I was a kid, this belief was very strong. I believed it like I know there is there a sun and a moon. This was a certainty. I knew this […]

What’s The Answer To This Question? – Part 1

“Who is in charge, my brain or me?” Taye-5-years-old asked me point blank Immediately I thought, what a great question! I know adults that would give **the “wrong” answer! ** And you know what, I used to be one of them! Not that long ago. CALM DOWN STORIES in App Store CALM DOWN STORIES in Google […]

Creativity Is The Key

Raising creative kids makes successful adults Because with creativity comes PURPOSE, comes CRITERIA, comes OUTCOME and comes CURIOSITY. All the elements that make someone successful at something. Purpose: doing something creative always takes you somewhere. You start with a goal (purpose) of doing a creative thing and with practice it teaches you to always have a goal/purpose when you start something. […]

The Bright Side of Conflict

Opening Taye’s mind when there is conflict I woke up one day super early and I’m editing a new story where we had a problem: One cat had taken the other cats’ spot in bed and he didn’t want to move. Taking someone’s spot seems to be super funny for Taye. He likes mischievous playful […]

The Most Fun Story

This story is one of the most humorous, fun, comical, amusing, giggly I have told! We had so much fun with it that Taye asked multiple times to re-tell it and every time we laughed as much as the first time. The main characters are “the penguins.” The penguins have become regulars of my stories. They come […]

About The Stories & The Creator: MAMA

WHO INVENTED the Calm Down Stories? An overtired and stressed mom who was desperate to help her little son to snap out of his lizard brain. When little angel transformed into an unreasonably screaming toddler- she knew it was time to find a solution, because she was near loosing her mind as any “no” said to her son would cause […]

Whining Is Smiling!

Whining! Who likes whining? Certainly, not Minicat! Will you love him… I promise you will.  He will make you laugh… a lot.  Even thought he’s a whining crab, I promise you will laugh. You will also learn a lot about Minicat and how creative and resourceful she can be when she wants to. Just like my son! You will […]

Space Sandwich

In this story, I teach a little bit of physics. About the ”principle of equivalence” or Einstein’s happiest thought – that’s how he called this theory! You: Why do you teach about the principle of equivalence in this story? Me: Because, in this story we go underground to the Lab of the Frog with the one eye where she’s […]