Opening Taye’s mind when there is conflict

I woke up one day super early and I’m editing a new story where we had a problem: One cat had taken the other cats’ spot in bed and he didn’t want to move. Taking someone’s spot seems to be super funny for Taye. He likes mischievous playful anything, and taking someone’s spot is perfect for that!

So, in the story I ended up inventing -it has been invented for a while- reverse day so the cat characters were at peace.

That made me think in all the stuff we, as parents, as bosses, as business owners, invent to keep others at peace. In those moments, our need to be right goes out the window. And we invent anything so others feel taken care of, important, fair.

 In the story, and probably in life, I took the conflict and solved it with humor and playfulness. 

I took the conflict and opened up Taye’s mind to other possibilities= The situation looked like the cats were going to get into a fight for their spot in bed. 

But inventing reverse day, made Taye start thinking on all the things that can be reversed and having a ton of fun with it. Making the conflict insignificant and learning a growth way of solving conflict.

 In the recording, Taye starts seeing a world of possibilities and fun things and inventing all kinds of days. 

And this would had never happened unless there was conflict between which side of the bed each cat would take.

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