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Alejandra Leibovich is a successful business woman & entrepreneur, author and artist, with a vast career in design, animation and software development who decided to further her screen success by embodying through her art innovative concepts that are igniting a movement composed of a form of entertainment that transcends and ultimately helps us train our mind, feed our soul and provoke a sense of purpose. At she showcases her ability to implement her creativity and achieve success. Alejandra was always the new girl in town, the one with the accent, yet her efforts have yielded multi-million-dollar companies and are inspiring many others to think and act differently.  

Currently, Alejandra, who is always up to something, has launched her brand Aleloop to house all products and ideas that embody her “enterTRAINment” concept. Aleloop Inc has recently released the Calm Down Stories, where she utilizes her real-life business school experience to create some fascinating stories, filled with resources for kids to explore a world full of possibilities. This app is a great tool to introduce children to a mindset of success, decision making habits and the What if? WayThese stories were born at very odd hours of the morning when Alejandra started telling stories to her son Taye in the hope of calming him down – in her own words snapping him out of his lizard brain. The Calm Down Stories have a dual purpose: taking parents and kids through an adventure to have next level conversations with each other, while helping to reduce screen time, provoke creativity and entertrain in a fun, creative and effective way. These stories are full of improvisation and possibilities that will expand the child’s heart and mind. 

Her Looptropolis Podcast is already making waves by causing listeners to constantly ask: what would my full potential be? She is about to publish her second book and a series of comic books, but meanwhile, her book “Feel Warm Inside” is helping leaders and entrepreneurs go up the success ladder and set themselves apart with the right attitude, mindset and a splash of humor.   

This award-winning artist and animator started her career in Argentina, where she is originally from, rotoscoping animated characters for the first TV show in Argentina that combined live action with 2D animation. After moving to the US, Alejandra transitioned into the digital world animating internationally recognized cartoon characters at the Cartoon Network and TNT Digital. MTV Networks recruited her to relocate from Atlanta to Miami and re-design the image of Nickelodeon LA (Latin America) as the Senior Art Director, and then was also tasked to launch several MTV Network properties: VH1, Logo and Nickelodeon, for the Latin American region Within the first two years under her artistic direction, both VH1 and Nickelodeon achieved record ratings. This led to a growth of 18 Million subscribers achieving 1st place in ratings among young adults, which propelled the network for further expansion into Brazil, Argentina and Colombia 

Alejandra moved on to an exciting professional journey when she discovered the effect a good idea can have on a community. It was then when she created a series of misfits characters and designs to `Bring out Your Happywhich she showcased on Mini coopers at the Miami Art Basel Exhibition. This lifechanging experience was documented on the feature film “Hitching a ride on Entropy. This discovery helped Alejandra launch her own business How to Manage a Small Law Firm listed six consecutive times in the list of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in USA. During her time at Vh1, Nick, LOGO and MTV, Alejandra also created her own animated short films that were screened at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), Kids Film Fest, Brooklyn Film Festival and MOCA Miami, among others. 

Alejandra`s Work has been awarded with The SAMMY award for marketing and sales innovation by BI Group, the Inc.5000 fastest growing companies, The Woman of the Year Award by Enterprising Women Magazine and several others within the digital animation industry. She is a sandwich lover, a caring momma and wife, who is always up to something new and who believes you can too! 



You can find her podcast and album “LOOPTROPOLIS” in major podcasting players and major music streaming services such as Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify. You can get her not-boring-book-on-Leadership “Feel Warm Inside” Funny Quotes for Serious Leadership at amazon. This book is a funny, honest and imaginative view of life and leadership, that will help you on your very serious journey of becoming the leader you were meant to be. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced leader of a team or if it’s just you and your cat. Get it at amazon. 


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