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Calm Down Stories app

Calm Down Stories has a free audio app with original stories that were created and performed live at some very odd hours by an overtired mom named Aleloop, who was desperate to get her kid to calm down so she wouldn’t lose her mind.
Four out of five parents who have absolutely no formal training in child psychology recommend these stories to calm your kid down, so you don’t go bananas.
– This app is for parents who need more sleep.
– This app is for parents who prefer intellectually nutritious activities for their kids.
– This app is for parents who value creativity and believe that imagination is an important part of a child’s development.
This app is audio only, no screen time.
To learn more about it, visit the Calm Down Stories page…


You’re READY to take action in your business. You’re SET to educate yourself (with some guidance & direction of course). And most of all, YOU’RE ready to GO, to make changes that’ll FINALLY set your law firm on a path to growth and profitability! But…

There’s a problem: you’re not quite sure where to start.

Download the app and gain access to powerful, proven content that will teach you:

  • When, why and how to hire, train, manage and make a profit with staff.
  • How to market to get more and better clients…and keep the wrong clients away!
  • How to get more done in less time & make fewer apologies to your kids & your clients too.

Being a successful business owner isn’t just about the strategies. It’s also about the mindset. There I said it. Mindset. We could give you all the tips, strategies but without a fit mind…it all goes to shit. There I said it. We’re gonna show you what the good life is all about!

Download the app. Search for a topic. Listen. Make money. Repeat. Visit the HTM APP…

Business Dashboard

The only one in its kind, this business dashboard is design for companies with one-on-one services with multiple staff meeting with clients.

The How to Manage a Small Law Firm dashboard is the all in one platform that runs the CEO, COO & CFO services for owners and staff of small law firms.

Design to show trends, keep all documents in one place, track performance of HTM staff and performance of clients.

Ale Leibovich