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paintings by alejadra leibovich
boredom no more

ale leibovich paintings
Going to Art Basel, was an inspiration.
I instantly knew that now on I want my characters to live on canvas.
Almost all my paintings sold. I divide my painting style into two styles. My old style was defined, precise work with exact shapes and lines in smaller formats.
My new style is more loose, it’s free hand drawing with wide strokes of the painting brush and is definitely  but both of them depict the tribe of the original misfit characters.

cartoons on...


cartoon tee shirts

Apparel and accessories by Aleloop can be found in people’s houses all around the globe.
For many years people have collected all kinds of products with Aleloop’s design, and the variety of the product line will surprise you.
“Since my main focus at first was animation and design – I always thought to myself: “how do I keep my art in people’s lives when they turn their tv off?”
I created my first line of products with the characters and shortly found out that people love them, relate to them and even associate themselves with them!
When I attended San Diego Comic-Con and presented my first physical art to people- I learned that it’s appealing for so many different people out there.
Some of my buyers were mechanics, some of them were musicians, some of them were doctors, plumbers, students…
They all felt connected to my art and that was the beginning of physical art pieces production”.

cartoon comics

The idea to create comics appeared when Aleloop’s son, Taye Astuya, demanded to “watch the stories” instead of listening to them.
What can one loving but tired mom do? That’s right, she can make a comic book, cartoon, get the moon if she has to… But comic book and the cartoon totally fulfilled his need this time. Then Taye grew, but the desire to keep making comics stayed.

Let me know when the Comics are out!

cartoon books

Aleloop manifesting the idea that cartoon characters belong everywhere. She produces a Leadership quotes book and that book is meant to be an inspiration for  entrepreneurs. Feel Warm Inside shows you leadership from an angle you have never seen before.

If you hate reading boring leadership books, then this book is for YOU!

When the very serious journey of becoming a leader that you meant to be is framed to the colorful pages of fun and heartwarming illustrations- you laugh, think, meditate, reassess and crave a slice of cake…

Then come away inspired and recommitted to be the best leader (and adult) that you can ever be.

Visit the FEEL WARM INSIDE book page now …

Ale Leibovich