Space Sandwich

In this story, I teach a little bit of physics. About the ”principle of equivalence” or Einstein’s happiest thought – that’s how he called this theory! You: Why do you teach about the principle of equivalence in this story? Me: Because, in this story we go underground to the Lab of the Frog with the one eye where she’s […]

Everything Was Yellow

One day… I got out of my studio and I discovered the whole entire world had become yellow. I had to do something about i! Taye is very interested about what makes you “be you”.We discuss about it in the stories. This is one of Taye’s favorite stories. He has asked me to tell him […]

How To Teach Criteria To Your Kids?

It’s very important kids learn criteria. Criteria enables kids to make decisions. What is criteria? It’s a standard or principle for judging, evaluating or selecting something. If you want your kids to learn to make good decisions you gotta teach them criteria for what a good decision is. “How I Met the Big Bad Fat Orange […]