It's very important kids learn criteria.
Criteria enables kids to make decisions.

What is criteria? It’s a standard or principle for judging, evaluating or selecting something. If you want your kids to learn to make good decisions you gotta teach them criteria for what a good decision is.

“How I Met the Big Bad Fat Orange Cat” is part of a very long bedtime recording where I tell Taye 3 stories and he tells me 3 stories.

The recording is so long I had to cut it in 6 parts to be able to edit it because I couldn’t import it the way it was into the sound editing program!

This story was recorded on a night where Taye would not stop talking! I was falling asleep and he kept talking …and talking and… asking really good questions about what criteria I use to make my decisions.

“How I became friends with the big fat bad orange cat” is a story full of interruptions by Taye and questions about how I choose everything.

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