WHO INVENTED the Calm Down Stories?

An overtired and stressed mom who was desperate to help her little son to snap out of his lizard brain.

When little angel transformed into an unreasonably screaming toddler- she knew it was time to find a solution, because she was near loosing her mind as any “no” said to her son would cause an entire meltdown. The solution came out of her own mouth when she approached the problem same way as she used to do at MTV, Vh1 and Nickelodeon. 

Simple question: “How do I make him click on the email I send his way?” sparked the idea of telling a story.

“Have I ever told you about the frog with the one eye?”

Abrupt silence was a sign of success. He stopped crying!

“No”- he said.

Within minutes my son went from total meltdown-to-laughing and curious. 

About after a week of telling him calm down stories, instead of going into a crying meltdown my son started to ask me to tell him a story to help him feel better. After a few months, the meltdowns pretty much went away and the stories became part of our quality time either early in the morning or at bedtime.

That’s how the Calm Down Stories came about. 

Fun crazy stories for when your kid is going nuts.

None of these stories have been the least bit scientifically tested or engineered.

No focus group has ever told us what they think of these stories because we don’t care.

All we know is that they kept Aleloop from losing her mind and when we shared them with our friends, and they shared them with their friends, and they shared them with their friends- a few of them said the stories sucked, and didn’t help their kids snap out of their lizard brain.

But we think most of those kids probably spend way to much time in front of a TV and they probably eat too much sugar and there is even a rumor floating around that the parents of those kids sometimes lock them in a dark closet, because everyone else who has shared these stories with their kids have told us that these stories were really entertaining, they helped their kids snap out of their lizard brain melt down and they helped the parents have better conversations with their children.

So try these out for yourself, get a better night of sleep and please let us know if you lock your children in dark closets or if you love these stories as much as everyone else does.

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