The Bright Side of Conflict

Opening Taye’s mind when there is conflict I woke up one day super early and I’m editing a new story where we had a problem: One cat had taken the other cats’ spot in bed and he didn’t want to move. Taking someone’s spot seems to be super funny for Taye. He likes mischievous playful […]

New Stories

Where do I find the new stories? A few parents mentioned they wanted an easy way to find the NEW stories because their little ones had become story snobs!! -just like my son Taye. So I created a section where I post only the latest stories.  Most weeks I update New Stories with only the new stories. The new stories remain there […]

About The Stories & The Creator: MAMA

WHO INVENTED the Calm Down Stories? An overtired and stressed mom who was desperate to help her little son to snap out of his lizard brain. When little angel transformed into an unreasonably screaming toddler- she knew it was time to find a solution, because she was near loosing her mind as any “no” said to her son would cause […]

Everything Was Yellow

One day… I got out of my studio and I discovered the whole entire world had become yellow. I had to do something about i! Taye is very interested about what makes you “be you”.We discuss about it in the stories. This is one of Taye’s favorite stories. He has asked me to tell him […]