What’s The Answer To This Question? – Part 1

“Who is in charge, my brain or me?” Taye-5-years-old asked me point blank Immediately I thought, what a great question! I know adults that would give **the “wrong” answer! ** And you know what, I used to be one of them! Not that long ago. CALM DOWN STORIES in App Store CALM DOWN STORIES in Google […]

About The Stories & The Creator: MAMA

WHO INVENTED the Calm Down Stories? An overtired and stressed mom who was desperate to help her little son to snap out of his lizard brain. When little angel transformed into an unreasonably screaming toddler- she knew it was time to find a solution, because she was near loosing her mind as any “no” said to her son would cause […]


Get More SleepGet Your Kids To Sleep EasierHave Less Drama Get More DoneBE A SUPER-HERO-PARENT! I created something that will help a lot of other parents and kids.  I need your Super-Hero-Parenting help to make it work! Once you start using the Calm Down Stories to get your little ones to go to sleep easier […]

New Calmakits

I love activity kits. My son Taye -5 years old- loves them. They are easy to print and to keep him busy.  One of the things I’m working on are new Calmakits!  What is a calmakit? is a printable activity I created specially to expand the mind, have fun and use all neurons! What are you […]