Raising creative kids makes successful adults

Because with creativity comes PURPOSE, comes CRITERIA, comes OUTCOME and comes CURIOSITY.
All the elements that make someone successful at something.

Purpose: doing something creative always takes you somewhere. You start with a goal (purpose) of doing a creative thing and with practice it teaches you to always have a goal/purpose when you start something.

Criteria: you learn a why you choose the small brush instead of the big brush to make the details of your artwork. Practicing this enough, doing something creative teaches our kids to have a criteria for everything. Having criteria= good decision making.

Curiosity: is the mother of invention and creativity. A curious kid becomes a learner, a thinker and a tester. Testing everything is how we learn.

I can see how my stories expand the mind of Taye, my  5-years-old son, because of how he thinks, how solution oriented he is and how purposeful he is.

BY TAYE -5 years old.

He created a new story. It’s a short one: 2 1/2 minutes.

I find this story fascinating because he used the story structure of a tale but with his own words.

He knows traditional stories start with once upon a time there was an old king that… **Taye used **”once upon a go there was a fat.” He forgot to add what was fat, if it was a cat or a dog or an iguana, but he knew those are the elements to start a story and he decided to use them.

The night he recorded that story, was right after a story I told him a story called “How I met the bad, fat, orange cat.” So he used some of those elements for his own story. That is great all on its own, that he can recognize the elements, take them and use them in his own thing is wonderful!

I find it fascinating, that at 5 years old, he can recognize the story structure!
This is a really good thing to ”start-up” his creativity

For me, as a parent, one of the most important key elements of his development is creativity.
Why? you might ask.
My answer: Most of us have to sign up our kids for after school activities to feed their souls and expands their minds with the arts. Schools, even private or Magnet, do not teach much about arts, creativity or expanding and using their imaginations. 

It’s NOT part of their curriculum of subject they teach.

What do you think?

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