This is a story about friendship.
A cat that had only had one single friend her whole life.
Only one best friend.

Taye finds very interesting that someone can have only one friend their whole life. And this is why there are several versions of this story. Taye has asked me to tell him this story multiple times.

As you know by now, I invent the stories on the spot, so I don’t remember much of what I said the time before I told the story…but this is a “real” story, so the main elements stay the same.

What do I mean with ”real”? Minicat is real, she’s my cat! 

And what happens in this story is really how she met my other cat Mr Mundo. Mundo in Spanish means world. 

And later on how I met her.


She is still alive, about 14 now. Used to be a feral cat.

Her real only friend in the whole world was my other cat – Mr Mundo, that passed away. 

She is very cranky and does not like any other animal.

This recording is part of a very long recording of 6 stories in one night!

Before meeting Minicat, I had never met before a cat with a tail with a mind of her own. The are both cranky. Perfect for each other!

Both, Minicat and her tail are the fluffiest cat and tail in the whole neighborhood.

Minicat’s favorite place in the whole world is my pillow! 

Her second favorite place are the steps in the stairs.

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