Since I was very young, I believed the streets of a city could move. 

Even though I was a kid, this belief was very strong. I believed it like I know there is there a sun and a moon. This was a certainty.

I knew this was a strange thing to think, especially because I was a kid. But I kept the belief intact because I knew one day I would discover what had happened.
Keeping this belief intact helped me being more open minded. 

More open minded about opportunities. 
More open minded about growing businesses. 
More open about parenting.
I grew up in a dictatorship, in a town where milk was delivered by a wagon pulled by a horse

My family had already moved many times before, but I don’t remember those. Then we moved many times more. Something very unusual in Argentina at the time. 
I was always the foreigner. The new kid. I always had an accent from the state I had been living before. 

At the time, the concept that for my peers I could be foreign in my own country made me very upset. Made me feel different. And for some I was. And for some I wasn’t. What mattered most at the time was to not get attention. To be invisible

So the military, the police, the authorities would leave you alone. If you got attention, you were in danger. People were disappearing by the thousands. If you were invisible, you could stay safe. 

That was before age of 8. Somewhere in there, my guess is around age 6 or 7, the belief of the streets moving started.

In THIS STORY is when I discovered what had happen. Find out for yourself…

That belief was very important: it opened my mind to the world of imagination and possibilities. 

I had a certainty I had never had before about something so intangible. Something that did not make sense. And to me it didn’t matter it didn’t make sense. 

I knew it was right: the streets in a city could move. I knew enough to not tell anybody about it. The key was the certainty. At that moment, I started respecting my own gut feelings, my own beliefs. Respecting my own sense of values, rules and things I believe in.

That weird belief also taught me to be patient for certain things. I’m a pretty impatient person. But from that moment on, I got that certain things needed time to develop and if I wanted to find out the answer… I had to wait. 

Waiting was what it would take to find out the answer.

Each element of having that strange belief taught me, was an element to being successful in life, to seeing opportunities no one else would see.

In my definition of being successful, developing my full potential, plays a big part. 

Who thought the always new foreign girl with the accent would end up having a hell of a career as an artist in animation, design, software, business and storytelling. 

At the time, certainly not me!

What did know was I had to be patient to find out the answer and to leave my mind open to other ways of thinking, to other realities we might not see with a simple look at them and one day I would find the answer to what had happened that the streets moved.

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