About The Stories & The Creator: MAMA

WHO INVENTED the Calm Down Stories? An overtired and stressed mom who was desperate to help her little son to snap out of his lizard brain. When little angel transformed into an unreasonably screaming toddler- she knew it was time to find a solution, because she was near loosing her mind as any “no” said to her son would cause […]

Entropy & Cat-Rabbits Make Good Allies

“What the heck? How does an ARTIST know about physics?” On top: “Oggie, the alien Cat-Rabbit” from this story. I’ve been studying physics for the past 7 years. I studied a lot of classic physics and some quantum mechanics. I don’t do the math part of it, what are like are the concepts. “Why does an […]

A Dog Named Couch

This is a very surprising story about finding a lost pet​ It all started when we heard a very weird noise and we went out to investigate. We found things were missing from our garden and some pretty smelly stuff too. Then we found a butterfly and then a blue horse named Blue that had lost his […]

Whining Is Smiling!

Whining! Who likes whining? Certainly, not Minicat! Will you love him… I promise you will.  He will make you laugh… a lot.  Even thought he’s a whining crab, I promise you will laugh. You will also learn a lot about Minicat and how creative and resourceful she can be when she wants to. Just like my son! You will […]

Space Sandwich

In this story, I teach a little bit of physics. About the ”principle of equivalence” or Einstein’s happiest thought – that’s how he called this theory! You: Why do you teach about the principle of equivalence in this story? Me: Because, in this story we go underground to the Lab of the Frog with the one eye where she’s […]

When A Kid Hears A Kid

A kid’s imaginations, worlds, and their creativity expands exponentially when they hear another kid telling a story I know how much the kids loooooove Taye’s stories.  He created a new story called “The Weird Cat that Showed Up” where he tells us about this amazing weird cat that one day showed up. It’s super fun!  It’s 7 minutes! His longest […]


Get More SleepGet Your Kids To Sleep EasierHave Less Drama Get More DoneBE A SUPER-HERO-PARENT! I created something that will help a lot of other parents and kids.  I need your Super-Hero-Parenting help to make it work! Once you start using the Calm Down Stories to get your little ones to go to sleep easier […]

Everything Was Yellow

One day… I got out of my studio and I discovered the whole entire world had become yellow. I had to do something about i! Taye is very interested about what makes you “be you”.We discuss about it in the stories. This is one of Taye’s favorite stories. He has asked me to tell him […]